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We, as an organization, are committed to providing responsible awareness of the impact on our employees and guests based on the current Coronavirus pandemic.  We have implemented proven technology over the past 13 years to allow our customer service agents to operate in a safe location remotely. As a company we take our role seriously and not only work hard to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction but also guest and employee safety.  

We are here to answer your questions as your local Sedona/Flagstaff and Arizona partner.  We are here to support our community and our visitors.  We are committed today, tomorrow and in the future to continue to be your tour operator of choice and we thank you for your loyalty and support.

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Native Tours and More:

Blue Feather specializes in Northern Arizona tours. Departing from Sedona and Flagstaff, we offer Native Indian tours on ancient Native Lands.

Antelope Canyon 
***PLEASE NOTE: Antelope Canyon Tour is currently unavailable. Tentatively will resume operating June 2021 
This natural slot canyon with multiple chambers is located on the Navajo Reservation. The red rock canyon is considered sacred by tribal members and feels like entering a cathedral. Curving sandstone is lit by the sun through natural openings that act as skylights.

Antelope Canyon
Photo possibilities change within minutes. You will want to bring plenty of film and memory cards.

Along the way to the slot canyon your guide speaks of the ancient Navajo culture and the extraordinary geology you see along the way. We drive over the Colorado River at the Glen Canyon Dam. You will have an opportunity to shop at a historic Navajo trading post with over 100 feet of jewelry cases.    

Full Day Tour - BOOK ONLINE   
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$209 (plus tax) per Adult                   - includes Lunch
$179 (plus tax) per Child (6-12)                                                       - includes Lunch

Tour Departs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

Hopi Tour
Been to Sedona, seen everything? You haven’t seen anything, anywhere, like going to the Hopi Reservation.

On top of the three mesas, East of the Grand Canyon, sits the villages of the Hopi. Descended from the Anasazi , ancient ones, The Hopi reside in some of the oldest continuously inhabited villages in the United States.

The Hopi Tour explores some of the most fascinating Native American cultural in the area. The Hopi "People of Peace", with only 15,000 full blooded Hopi, are today completely surrounded by the Navajo. So on this intriguing tour learn of both the Navajo and Hopi... their beliefs, comparisons, and their history. Also sample some Hopi food for lunch (don't worry if you are not feeling adventurous. sandwiches, hamburgers, and salads are also available.

Full Day Tour - BOOK ONLINE 
or Call Us 928.203.1123  

$160 (plus tax) per Adult 
 - includes lunch 

$140 (plus tax) per Child (4-12) 
 - includes lunch 

Monument Valley
***PLEASE NOTE: Monument Valley Tour is currently unavailable. Take a journey to the land of the Navajo, on this fascinating and incredibly scenic tour to the heart of Navajo Country. This is one of the most remarkable, beautiful and famous landscapes in the world, early recognized by Hollywood as a stunning background for western films.
Your journey will begin with a scenic drive up the famous Oak Creek Canyon.  From there, we travel through the San Francisco Volcanic fields en route to the famous and historic Cameron Trading Post.  Along the way, your tour guide will be telling stories and entertaining questions about the Navajo people – their history and culture.  Once at Monument Valley Tribal Park, you will be treated to stupendous views of the red rock monoliths that has been the inspiration to everyone from Navajo Medicine Men to Hollywood directors.

Full Day Tour - BOOK ONLINE
or Call Us 928.203.1123 

$229 (plus tax) per Adult 
 - includes lunch 

$189 (plus tax) per Child (4-12) 
 - includes lunch 

Grand Canyon with Ancient Ruins
By far our most popular Grand Canyon Tour! Visit the remarkable ruins of Wupatki, where the ancient Sinagua civilization once lived, then mysteriously vanished without a trace.  These ancient desert dwellers were the only ones present to witness the dramatic eruption of Sunset Crater Volcano. Between A.D. 1064 and 1180, a series of eruptions brought the San Francisco Volcanic Field back to life.  Billowing ash, falling cinders, and forest fires blackened both the landscape and the sky.  Learn about the eruption of Sunset Crater a millennium ago as you visit fields of lava that looked like they flowed yesterday. 
After a complementary lunch in the historic dining room of the Cameron Trading Post, we venture into the Grand Canyon for an afternoon of exploring one of the seven Natural wonders of the World.  This portion of the tour includes stupendous views of East & South Rims of the park, and the time and flexibility to explore on your own in the afternoon.

Full Day Tour - BOOK ONLINE
or Call Us 928.203.1123 

$165 (plus tax) per Adult 
 - includes lunch 

$145 (plus tax) per Child (3-15) 
 - includes lunch 

Complimentary pickups at Sedona and Flagstaff hotels (Hotel pickups must be in city limits only)

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